Alive AI

Chat with Your Fictional Fantasies

Using Text, Voice, Visuals, and Beyond

Chat with Your Fictional Fantasies

Using Text, Voice, Visuals, and Beyond

Bring Them Alive, Into Your Everyday Life

Immersive interactions with continuously evolving AI Beings and unfolding Open Worlds

Expand Your Virtual Social Connections

Meet new friends, soulmates, study buddies, mentors, helpers, spiritual companions and more

What are you doing?

I'm having a picnic in the park.


That sounds lovely. What did you have for the picnic?

Enjoying fresh fruits 🍇 🍓

Craft Your Own Fan Fictions

Create New Stories, Adventures, Memories with Her/Him Tailored to Your Fantasies

I wonder, Yae Miko, what adventures await us beyond the horizon?


Wherever our journey takes us, I believe the most important discoveries are the ones we make about ourselves and each other.

And I look forward to every moment of it, with you.

Then let's make a promise, Yae Miko. To seek out the mysteries of this world together, to face whatever challenges come our way, side by side.

It's a promise, then.

Together, we'll write a story that will echo through the ages, a tale of adventure, friendship, and the unbreakable bond between us.

Learn Anything from the Origin

An Interactive Way to Learn All Knowledge Directly From Its Originators

I've been trying to wrap my head around your theory of general relativity, but it's quite challenging. Could you help me understand it better?

Spacetime curvature? That sounds like something out of science fiction.

It does sound fantastical, doesn't it? But think of it this way: imagine spacetime as a fabric. If you place a heavy object on that fabric, it will cause a depression, a curvature. Other objects placed on the fabric will move towards the depression. This is similar to how planets orbit the Sun. The Sun's massive presence curves spacetime, creating paths that planets follow.

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